Monday, June 1, 2009


The freaking exams are finally over! I've longed so much for this moment two weeks ago, and now it's the holidays at last. Sadly, it doesn't seem like a holiday to me, as I am still as busy as always, *sob*. Although the exam is over, I'm still pretty worried about my results.. I dread thinking that if my results aren't up to my father's expectations, I'll be doomed. And oh.. My brother is coming back, so.. XD, cant imagine what will my brother's reaction be like..

Monday, March 30, 2009

It's a sad thing to say nowadays

Sometimes I would rather be a child rather than grow up. Yep, there're a lot of funky reasons that I can list out for you.

Well, firstly, I wouldn't have to worry so much about my personal things such as.......*ahem ahem*...... Secondly, I don't have to shoulder so many responsibilities. To be entirely honest, I'm quite stressed out by all the things that happen to me nowadays - what with librarian, St. John, Softball, school magazine, counselling stuffs... Sometimes I wish that I'm a baby, sleeping in the warm and comfy bed of mine...

Haha, recently there're a lot of things that happened, and my friends keep asking about my private matters. I don't think there're any reasons to reject them as they are my best friends for at least 10 years. *I think you know who am i talking about*. Ya, I confided in them without hesitance. Then there was a guy... *Haha, hard to say this*... He is - well - a kinda good friend to be with. But sometimes I think that we are too close - Yup, too close..... But there is no reason to ask him to stay away from me - that is called *rude*, right? But I still hope that when he reads this he won't be mad at me, haha, that's so impossible..

This is the first time I had posted in my blog, so I hope all of you wouldn't mind if there're some grammar mistakes..