Monday, June 1, 2009


The freaking exams are finally over! I've longed so much for this moment two weeks ago, and now it's the holidays at last. Sadly, it doesn't seem like a holiday to me, as I am still as busy as always, *sob*. Although the exam is over, I'm still pretty worried about my results.. I dread thinking that if my results aren't up to my father's expectations, I'll be doomed. And oh.. My brother is coming back, so.. XD, cant imagine what will my brother's reaction be like..


❤ IceGlacial™ ❤ said...

Goodluck on your exam results!, and goodluck again at home, especially with the homecoming of your brother, XD.

Hope i can see you ALIVE after this holidays. *winks*

慕容紫英 said...

what done is done, nothing can be change.. dont worry, be happy XD :)